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Rajeev Agarwal: A Visionary Leader Reshaping the Office Space Industry with Sales Rain Inc.


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In the dynamic realm of call center seat leasing and serviced offices, where innovation and excellence are paramount, Rajeev Agarwal emerges as an influential figure. As the Founder and CEO of Sales Rain Inc., Rajeev Agarwal has spearheaded a transformative journey in this industry. Sales Rain Inc., a pioneering force, has left an indelible mark on Metro Manila’s premier business districts and IT parks by offering an impressive array of contemporary office spaces. Initially celebrated for its seat leasing facilities, the company has expanded its portfolio to include private and semi-private offices, all under the visionary guidance of Rajeev Agarwal. As a committed partner, he ensures that Sales Rain Inc.’s work environments are not just sustainable but also instrumental in driving the success of businesses.

Rajeev Agarwal’s Inception Story

The inception of Rajeev Agarwal’s remarkable journey, the Founder and CEO of Sales Rain Inc., is a testament to the American dream and unwavering determination. Hailing from India, Rajeev embarked on a transformative odyssey in 1997 when he made the life-altering decision to relocate to the United States. Armed with ambition and a thirst for knowledge, he pursued a Master’s degree in Business and soon found himself immersed in the vibrant world of telecom, working for a company based in Iowa. Here, he honed his skills and garnered extensive experience in Finance, Treasury, Business Development, and Sales, laying the foundation for the remarkable career that would follow.

In 2002, Rajeev’s journey took a pivotal turn as he made his way to San Diego, where he encountered a remarkable opportunity that would shape his destiny. Working with a diverse array of BPO companies from across the globe, spanning from India to the Philippines, China, Egypt, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, and beyond, Rajeev was exposed to the dynamic landscape of the business process outsourcing industry. This exposure ignited a passion within him, leading to the birth of Sales Rain in 2005.

Rajeev Aggarwal founded Sales Rain with a focused approach to the Philippines market, demonstrating unwavering commitment and dedication. The company started as a seed of possibility and has since flourished into the leading provider of BPO seat leasing and private office leasing in the Philippines. Today, Sales Rain operates across multiple locations in Metro Manila, Cebu, Palawan, boasting over 10 locations, more than 20 sites, and a staggering 5000 workstations.

At the core of Rajeev’s success are the principles and values that have shaped his path as both an individual and a professional. He firmly believes in the golden rule of “Treating others how you want to be treated,” an ethos that underscores fairness, reasonableness, and acceptance in all endeavors. With a patient yet relentless approach, he embodies the concept of “patiently aggressive,” recognizing that true success is a long-term journey.

Rajeev’s insatiable appetite for knowledge, seen in his passion for reading business, management, sales, and leadership books, has not only kept him attuned to industry events and best practices but has also instilled confidence in employees, clients, and stakeholders alike. Rajeev Agarwal’s inception story is one of perseverance, vision, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence, and it continues to inspire those who cross his path.

Sales Rain Inc.’s Key Offerings

Sales Rain Inc., under the visionary leadership of Rajeev Agarwal, has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the realm of office solutions in the Philippines. The company offers a comprehensive suite of key offerings that cater to the diverse needs of businesses seeking to establish a foothold in the vibrant Philippines market.

At the heart of Sales Rain’s offerings is its role as a leading provider of BPO seat leasing, offering businesses a turnkey solution to access fully furnished and serviced office spaces and BPO seats. With strategically located offices in major areas of Metro Manila, Cebu, and Palawan, Sales Rain Inc. is uniquely positioned to meet the requirements of companies looking to outsource or establish their offices in the Philippines.

However, the company’s commitment to its clients goes far beyond providing physical spaces. Sales Rain extends its support with a host of services, including recruitment, HR support, payroll processing, and IT setup. The offices themselves are a testament to excellence, featuring plug-and-play secured rooms with 24/7 access, fully equipped workstations, and a range of utilities such as association dues, electricity, water. Cisco-powered networks, fiber optic internet with backup, Wi-Fi, CCTVs, biometric access, attendance tracking systems, facilities support, housekeeping, and IT support to ensure that every aspect of a client’s operational needs is meticulously attended to.

Sales Rain Inc. distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape by owning real estate for the majority of its offices. This ownership allows the company to offer high-class infrastructure, superior service, flexible terms, and competitive pricing, all aimed at providing exceptional value to its clients. The company’s commitment to maintaining a professional and secure environment is underscored by its conscious decision to not provide hot desk coworking services, a move that has been well-received by its clients who value the security and professionalism that Sales Rain Inc. offers.

As for ongoing projects, Sales Rain remains dedicated to continuous support and service excellence for its clients. This commitment extends to expansion projects, both within the Philippines and on an international scale. Sales Rain Inc. is not just a service provider; it is a partner in success for businesses looking to thrive in the dynamic business landscape of the Philippines and beyond.

Accolades and Accredited Achievements

Sales Rain Inc., under the astute leadership of Rajeev Agarwal, has garnered a plethora of notable recognitions and accreditations that bear testament to the company’s exceptional standing in the industry. With a widespread presence, both locally and internationally, Sales Rain Inc. has earned recognition from esteemed media outlets and publications, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader.

Notably, the company has been featured in a spectrum of newspapers and magazines, including ABS CBN, Inquirer, and GMA, all prominent names within the Philippine media landscape. Beyond the borders, Sales Rain Inc. has made its mark in international publications such as Computer World, Balik Bayan magazine, CEO magazine, and SiliconIndia, further underscoring its global influence.

These recognitions and accolades serve as a testament to Sales Rain Inc.’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its relentless pursuit of innovation and service quality. The company’s reputation and standing within the industry have been resoundingly affirmed by these notable mentions, cementing its position as a distinguished and pioneering force in the world of office solutions.

Rajeev’s Path Through Significant Obstacles

In Rajeev Agarwal’s illustrious career, there have been significant obstacles that have served as stepping stones to his remarkable success. However, his perspective on these challenges is a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience. Rajeev considers himself fortunate to have faced and overcome these hurdles, viewing each challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger and more capable.

One of the most formidable obstacles in his career has been the need to adapt and understand the intricacies of various countries in which he has done business. This has required a deep comprehension of the local market dynamics, cultural nuances, legal frameworks, and work styles. Rajeev’s open mindset and genuine interest in people have proven to be invaluable assets in navigating these diverse landscapes, transforming what could be daunting exercises into exciting endeavors.

Additionally, the nature of Rajeev’s business, characterized by high capital expenditure and risk, presents a significant challenge. Yet, he perceives these factors not as hindrances but as high barriers to entry that contribute to lower competition, ultimately benefiting the success of his company, Sales Rain Inc.

For Rajeev Agarwal, success is defined by a “people-centric” approach, a philosophy that has been at the heart of his leadership journey. He believes in providing an environment that is supportive, inclusive, and empowering, enabling individuals to thrive and reach their full potential. Dedication to the operational success of clients, coupled with unwavering commitment to the well-being of the people involved, has been the cornerstone of his achievements.

Achieving this level of success has been a 26-year journey that began in 1997 when Rajeev first set foot in the United States and embarked on his career. Through dedication, resilience, and a deep commitment to his ideals, he has not only overcome obstacles but transformed them into catalysts for his extraordinary accomplishments.

The Wellspring of Unending Inspiration

In Rajeev Agarwal’s remarkable journey, influential figures from diverse domains have left an indelible mark. From renowned business tycoons like Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet to iconic political leaders such as Barack and Michelle Obama, the tapestry of his inspiration is woven with threads of wisdom and resilience.

As Rajeev delves into the lives and legacies of these luminaries, he draws profound lessons and insights, adopting the positives as a source of guidance in his own path. The power of their accomplishments, their visionary leadership, and their unwavering dedication to their respective fields serve as guiding beacons, offering Rajeev a wellspring of motivation to continuously strive for excellence.

However, amidst this constellation of influences, there is one figure who stands as the singular and most significant source of inspiration in Rajeev’s life—his father. Through the highs and lows of his personal and professional journey, it is the wisdom, values, and unwavering support imparted by his father that have been the cornerstone of Rajeev’s achievements. This paternal influence has instilled in him the resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence that has propelled him to the pinnacles of success. In his father, Rajeev finds not just a source of inspiration but a steadfast beacon of strength and guidance, shaping his character and ambitions as he continues to make his mark in the world of business and leadership.

Charting the Path Forward

Rajeev Agarwal has set forth a compelling vision for the long-term goals of the company, one that reflects a profound commitment to sustainable growth, human development, and the preservation of personal relationships in an ever-evolving world.

At the heart of Sales Rain Inc.’s long-term aspirations lies a dedication to “continuous expansion,” marked by a thoughtful and healthy approach that prioritizes sustainability and client satisfaction. Rajeev envisions a future where the company’s people are not just successful but also happy, healthy, and engaged in a perpetual learning journey. It is a vision where their achievements are celebrated, and they continue to thrive in a nurturing and empowering work environment.

For Rajeev, the loyalty and pride of the company’s clients are paramount. He aspires to see their unwavering trust in Sales Rain Inc. as their provider. In an era characterized by technological disruptions and increasing isolation, Rajeev believes in the enduring importance of personal relationships. Recognizing that artificial intelligence is progressively taking over various tasks, he emphasizes the significance of cherishing the connections and bonds that make us human.

Rajeev’s Guidance for Emerging Leaders

Rajeev Agarwal imparts invaluable advice to the next generation of aspiring leaders, drawing upon a wealth of experience and wisdom accumulated over the years.

In an era marked by the rapid advancement of technology, Rajeev underscores the importance of remembering one’s roots and the timeless wisdom passed down by our elders. Aspiring leaders, he advises, should never lose sight of the cultural and traditional foundations that shape their identities. These roots provide a strong anchor in an ever-changing world, allowing them to navigate the complexities of a tech-driven future while remaining grounded and connected to their heritage.

Furthermore, Rajeev emphasizes the enduring significance of building genuine personal relationships. In a world where AI, augmented reality, and robotics are reshaping industries and societies, the power of human connection remains unparalleled. Aspiring leaders should prioritize fostering authentic bonds with others, as these relationships will not only enrich their personal lives but also contribute significantly to their professional success.

Rajeev’s advice extends beyond the professional realm; he encourages the next generation to practice techniques for maintaining a healthy mind and body. He believes that a sound physical and mental state is the foundation for any accomplishment. Surrounding oneself with positive individuals and nurturing a supportive environment is equally vital in achieving true satisfaction and success.

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