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From NFL to Boardroom: Marques Ogden’s Path to Leadership


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Effective leadership combines a clear vision, strong expertise and authenticity . Recent studies underscore a compelling trend: organizations led by authentic leaders witness a 42% increase in employee engagement and a 9% spike in revenue growth compared to their counterparts. In this evolving landscape, Marques Ogden emerges as a luminary reshaping the narrative of leadership. With a keen understanding of the importance of authenticity, Marques transcends traditional paradigms as a Keynote Speaker, Business Luminary, and Host of the transformative “Get Authentic With Marques Ogden” podcast. Delving into his unique blend of insights, he simplifies success through mastering fundamentals while fostering inclusivity and innovation. Leveraging over a decade of NFL experience, Marques navigates businesses through transformative shifts with an unwavering commitment to authenticity. In a world yearning for genuine connection and impactful leadership, Marques Ogden’s journey embodies the transformative power of authenticity, redefining the very fabric of leadership.

Inception Story: From Rock Bottom to Rising Star

In September 2013, Marques Ogden embarked on a journey that would redefine his purpose and shape his future. It was a pivotal moment following a series of setbacks that pushed him to his lowest point. After the closure of his eighth-figure construction business in just 90 days, Marques found himself navigating a turbulent sea of job losses and financial strain. Fired from two positions in a single week, he took on various roles to make ends meet, from working at Merrill Lynch to laboring in construction. Yet, each endeavor seemed to end in disappointment, leaving him searching for a sense of accountability and direction.

Amidst the struggle, Marques found solace in a humble role as a custodian in downtown Raleigh, earning a modest wage of $8.25 per hour. It was a job that sustained him and his family, yet it also served as a poignant reminder of his past failures. However, it was during a fateful graveyard shift, cloaked in the darkness of 4:30 in the morning, that Marques experienced a moment of profound clarity. As he grappled with the stench of rotting trash and spoiled milk clinging to his skin and clothing, he was overcome with a wave of emotion. With his head in his hands, tears streaming down his face, Marques realized the stark reality of his situation. If he didn’t take decisive action, he would remain trapped in a cycle of despair indefinitely.

In that transformative moment, amidst the chaos and discomfort, Marques discovered a newfound resolve. The adversity he faced became the catalyst for his journey of empowerment and resilience. It was his “spoiled milk moment,” a poignant awakening that ignited a spark within him to make a difference in the lives of others. From that pivotal moment forward, Marques embarked on a path of personal growth and empowerment, channeling his experiences into a powerful message of hope and perseverance. Thus, in September 2013, Marques Ogden found his voice and began his journey as a speaker, driven by a profound desire to uplift and inspire others.

The NFL: A Journey of Resilience and Triumph

For Marques Ogden, the National Football League (NFL) was more than just a platform for athletic prowess; it taught invaluable lessons about resilience, perseverance, and the true essence of success. Reflecting on his journey, Marques credits the NFL for instilling in him the fortitude to navigate through life’s most daunting challenges. During the tumultuous initial years post-NFL, Marques found himself in a relentless struggle to secure employment. Despite enduring two and a half years of relentless rejection, he refused to succumb to despair. His unwavering determination and resilience propelled him forward, defying the odds and surpassing every obstacle in his path.

Today, Marques draws from his NFL experiences to deliver powerful keynote speeches centered around the themes of victory mindset and overcoming adversity. His keynote titled “The Ego Mistake: From 8 Figures to $8.25 Per Hour” delves into the transformative journey of overcoming setbacks and embracing servant leadership. Marques emphasizes the pitfalls of self-absorption and the critical importance of cultural enhancement and diversity & inclusion in fostering effective leadership.

In his book, “Sleepless Nights,” Marques candidly shares the harrowing experiences of rebuilding his life after losing his business, finances, and social support network. Through tales of perseverance and relentless determination, he offers a beacon of hope for those navigating through their darkest hours. Marques underscores the importance of patience and persistence in personal and professional development, reminding others that success is not instantaneous but rather a journey fraught with challenges and triumphs.

Marques’s philosophy of the “Success Cycle,” encapsulated by the pillars of ambition, drive, and hard work, serves as a guiding light for personal and professional growth. He emphasizes that ambition fuels fulfillment, drives and propels action, and hard work anchors one’s focus amidst competition. In essence, Marques’s journey from the NFL to entrepreneurship and motivational speaking epitomizes the transformative power of resilience, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Through his inspiring story and profound insights, he empowers individuals to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and triumph.

Services Offered by MarquesOgden.com

MarquesOgden.com offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower individuals and organizations on their path to success and authenticity. Led by Marques Ogden, the offerings include:

Keynote Speaking:

Marques Ogden continues to engage in keynote speaking engagements for esteemed companies such as Taylor Morrison, Center Space Homes, Thousand Mile Travel, and other notable organizations. These engagements serve as platforms to share invaluable insights on leadership, resilience, and business growth. Marques was named a top 10 business speaker by MSN and delivers impactful keynote speeches that inspire and motivate audiences with insights on success through overcoming adversity.

Business Coaching and Consulting:

Marques provides personalized coaching sessions aimed at unlocking individuals’ full potential and helping them achieve their goals through enhanced leadership skills and sustainable growth strategies. He teaches how to navigate complex business challenges with confidence through strategic consulting services. His expertise in innovation, diversity & inclusion, and transformative leadership drives actionable solutions for organizations. The team at MarquesOgden.com is actively involved in providing consulting  and coaching services to a diverse range of clients. Leveraging Marques’s expertise, they offer strategic guidance aimed at overcoming business challenges and driving long term growth.

Podcast Profit Workshop:

Only 1% of podcasts survive 6 episodes.  Join the Podcast Profit Workshop led by Marques, where participants learn how to launch, monetize, and grow their podcasts effectively. Gain the tools and knowledge needed to turn podcasting passion into a sustainable venture.  Making your podcast profitable and sustainable, This project encompasses a multifaceted approach to guide participants in starting, sustaining, and monetizing their podcasts, catering to both beginners and seasoned podcasters.

Podcast: Get Authentic with Marques Ogden

Tune in to Marques’s .05% top-rated podcast, “Get Authentic with Marques Ogden,” for authentic stories and impactful insights that resonate with listeners seeking personal and professional growth.

Brand Ambassadorship:

Elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility with Marques Ogden as your trusted brand ambassador. His influence and reputation bolster brand recognition and engagement.

Marques Ogden’s Long-Term Goals:

Looking ahead, the overarching goal of MarquesOgden.com is to empower as many individuals as possible to succeed in life, steering clear of the mistakes Marques himself faced. Through a focus on humility, active listening, and collaboration, the team aims to help others achieve fulfillment and success. Additionally, they aspire to expand their presence and accessibility by offering more online resources, including the Marques Ogden App, to provide affordable access to valuable information and insights.


In the long term, Marques envisions himself playing a pivotal role in consulting and mentoring, leveraging his experiences to guide companies and individuals through their own journeys. With a continued emphasis on podcasting and brand elevation, the team aims to create meaningful connections and provide valuable resources to empower individuals on their path to success and fulfillment.

Marques Ogden’s Achievements

Marques Ogden has earned significant recognition and accolades for his outstanding contributions to the fields of business leadership and personal development. His achievements include:

Forbes Magazine: Featured in Forbes Magazine for his exemplary work as a keynote speaker and business luminary.

Core Magazine: Recognized as one of the top 100 blacks in 2022 by Core Magazine, highlighting his impact and influence within the community.

Cheddar News: Featured on Cheddar News for his expertise and insights in the business world.

Authority Magazine: Acknowledged by Authority Magazine for his leadership and contributions to the industry.

MSN.com: Named one of the top 10 business speakers in North America in 2023 on MSN.com’s prestigious list, alongside esteemed figures like Magic Johnson, Kevin O’Leary, and Tony Robbins.

USA Today: Featured in USA Today for his accomplishments and dedication to empowering individuals and organizations.

Marques Ogden’s consistent dedication and impactful work have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a respected leader and influential figure in the business community.

A Daunting Start

For Marques Ogden, the journey to becoming a successful speaker was riddled with challenges, with the initial hurdle of establishing himself as a credible and trusted speaker standing out as the most formidable.

“Every expert was once a beginner,” said former President Rutherford B. Hayes, encapsulating the essence of Marques’s journey. Gaining the trust and belief of others, convincing them to invest in his services, and overcoming the barriers to entry into the speaking industry proved to be daunting tasks.

The process of building trust, credibility, and a client base required relentless perseverance and dedication. Marques faced the arduous task of convincing people to not only listen to his message but also to pay for his services. This initial struggle was compounded by the need to maintain consistency in delivering impactful speeches, while simultaneously marketing himself to attract new opportunities.

Despite the formidable challenges, Marques remained undeterred, leveraging his determination and resilience to navigate through the uncertainties of starting as a speaker. Through unwavering perseverance, consistent effort, and strategic marketing, Marques overcame this significant hurdle, propelling himself toward the successful position he occupies today.

Marques Ogden’s Biggest Inspiration: His Father, Shirrel Phillip Ogden

For Marques Ogden, the ultimate source of inspiration in life is undoubtedly his father, Shirrel Phillip Ogden. Describing his father as his “north star,” disciplinarian, teacher, best friend, and protector, Marques attributes much of his success and resilience to his father’s guidance and unwavering support. Through the darkest moments and toughest struggles, Marques found strength and motivation in his father’s wisdom and love. Shirrel Phillip Ogden remains Marques’s greatest inspiration, guiding him through life’s challenges and shaping him into the person he is today.

Marques Ogden’s Advice for Future Leaders

Marques Ogden’s philosophy of success centers around empowering others to achieve fulfillment in their own lives. He believes that true success is not measured by personal accolades, but rather by the positive impact made on the success and fulfillment of those around us. To aspiring leaders, Marques offers the following advice:

Define Success Through Others: Marques encourages future leaders to define success not by personal achievements, but by the success and fulfillment of the people they work with, help, or engage with. By prioritizing the well-being and growth of others, true success is achieved through collective empowerment and support.

Master the Art of Storytelling: Recognizing the timeless power of storytelling, Marques emphasizes the importance of honing this skill for effective leadership. Drawing from Aristotle’s insight that people love metaphors, he encourages future leaders to become adept storytellers who can inspire and motivate others through compelling narratives.

Listen, Learn, and Engage: Marques underscores the importance of active listening, continuous learning, and meaningful engagement. By listening to the needs and aspirations of others, learning from diverse perspectives, and engaging authentically with individuals and communities, future leaders can cultivate empathy, understanding, and trust, laying the foundation for success in leadership.

Marques draws inspiration from renowned leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela, all of whom were masterful storytellers who used their narratives to drive positive change and inspire others. By embodying these principles of defining success through others, mastering storytelling, and embracing active engagement, future leaders can navigate their leadership journey with purpose, impact, and success.


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