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Revolutionizing American Housing: 100 Years Old Concept Reimagined for Today’s Housing Challenges


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In a bid to address the persistent housing crisis in the United States, investors and entrepreneurs are revisiting the century-old concept of modular construction. While attempts to revolutionize the industry date back to the 1969 federal initiative, Operation Breakthrough, it is gaining renewed interest due to advancements in technology and the urgent need for efficient, affordable, and sustainable housing solutions.

The Historical Perspective

Operation Breakthrough, initiated in 1969, aimed to transform home construction by encouraging factory-built houses. Despite efforts from major companies like Alcoa and General Electric, the venture fizzled out by the mid-1970s. Fast forward to 2023, and only 2 percent of new single-family homes are built in factories. However, startups like Fading West are rekindling the modular housing dream.

The Fading West Model

Fading West, a startup based in Buena Vista, Colorado, has opened a factory for modular housing. The assembly line involves the production of wooden platforms that move through different stations, where walls, windows, wiring, insulation, and even appliances are added. The finished modular units are then transported to building sites, offering a faster and more cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site construction.

Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular construction offers several advantages over traditional methods. The process is faster, with houses sometimes assembled in a single day. Fading West claims that their modular homes can be completed in half the time and at 80 percent of the cost compared to traditional homes. Additionally, factory-built homes can enhance energy efficiency, reduce waste, and maintain higher standards of consistency.

Challenges and Solutions

While the concept of modular housing has faced challenges such as transportation costs and the volatility of the housing market, there is optimism that lessons from other industries, like the auto industry, can be applied. Standardization of building materials and regulations, as seen in the Canadian government’s Rapid Housing Initiative, could help overcome the industry’s challenges. The government’s role in driving standardization, coupled with large-scale production, may be the key to making modular construction a mainstream solution.

The Sustainability Angle

Modular construction aligns with sustainability goals, attracting interest from environmentally conscious consumers and investors. With reduced waste, controlled building processes, and potential for net-zero living, modular homes address both affordability and sustainability concerns in the housing market.


As the housing crisis persists and affordability becomes a growing concern, modular construction emerges as a promising solution. Investors, startups, and even major companies like Berkshire Hathaway are recognizing the potential of modular homes. With the right government support, standardization, and increased production scale, modular construction could be on the verge of a significant comeback, reshaping the way Americans build and live in homes.

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