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Motorola Showcases Bendable Phone with Flexible Display That Can Wrap Around Wrists 


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Motorola showcases a visionary bendable phone concept at Lenovo’s Global Tech World event, sparking excitement in the tech world.

In a stunning revelation at Lenovo’s annual Global Tech World event, Motorola has taken the mobile world by storm with its new bendable phone concept. This revolutionary device boasts a flexible pOLED display that can wrap around your wrist or transform into a tripod, offering a hands-free mobile experience like never before. However, there’s a catch – it’s still a concept, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting more details.

Key Features and Mysteries Surrounding the Bendable Phone

While precise specifications are still shrouded in secrecy, a few key features have emerged. The bendable phone sports a 6.9-inch diagonal screen with FHD+ resolution, featuring noticeable bezels for now. The unique fabric material on the back panel promises a comfortable and secure grip.

The mechanics of how this phone works remain a mystery, but it’s believed to have the ability to attach to a user’s wrist through magnetic links to a metal cuff. What sets it apart is its adaptive user interface, which adjusts to the screen’s alignment. Whether you use it as a stand on a table or hold it in your hand, the phone’s apps and navigational gestures adapt accordingly.

The prototype also showcased generative AI features optimized for this flexible form factor. The built-in MotoAI empowers users to customize their phone’s wallpaper and theme by capturing an image of their outfit, receiving AI-generated images that match their screen as wallpaper. The question of how Motorola will incorporate a battery into this concept remains unanswered, but possibilities include two small cells under the hood.

The Cost and Commercial Prospects

While this bendable phone concept is intriguing, it raises questions about cost and whether it can compete with current flagship phones. Foldable devices from Samsung and OnePlus are already relatively expensive, and this innovative tech is likely to follow suit. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, for example, is priced at around Rs 1,54,999, while OnePlus’s first foldable phone in India comes in at Rs 1,39,999.

Motorola has yet to reveal its plans for a commercial release and pricing details, keeping the tech community in suspense. Nevertheless, this concept phone underscores Motorola’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology and has ignited substantial enthusiasm across the tech world. Stay tuned for further updates as Motorola is expected to reveal more about this groundbreaking concept phone in the near future.

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