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Milky Way Galaxy? Kheerganga Trek Experience with Enlive Trips


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Hey dear,

I’ve been solo traveling for quite some time now, but I never thought solo travel could be so memorable, all thanks to a group. Yes, a fantastic group of people where you feel connected even when you’re alone, much like a one-sided relationship with life. Recently, I heard about Enlive Trips, which organizes group tours in a great environment and within a reasonable budget.

Our trip started from Delhi at Vidhan Sabha Metro Station. Have you ever heard of the Milky Way? If yes, great, if not, don’t worry, let me tell you. The Milky Way Galaxy is about 3,600 light-years away from us, and I was on a journey to see it. Whether I actually saw it or not is something we’ll talk about later.

Rishabh was our trip captain, and we set out from Delhi, reaching Kasol, a quaint hamlet in Himachal Pradesh, India. There, we experienced the weekend traffic jam before arriving at our hotel. Our driver was truly experienced; thanks to him as well. Our group consisted of wonderful people from different cities, some from far away. There were couples, singles, married folks, and then there was me—solo but not single. Throughout the trip, I kept listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro,” man my favorite, on repeat.

The hotel we stayed at was incredible. I had never seen such a beautiful waterfall up close. Watching it, I noticed so much. Let’s talk about the mountain first and then the waterfall. The mountain’s age is unknown, but it has struggled for a long time to become what it is today, sometimes by itself, sometimes by the act of God. After a long time, it reached a certain height and stopped growing, allowing plants, animals, nature, the wind, and the river to thrive without any selfish intentions. This cycle will continue, thanks to Enlive Trips for having such wonderful and hidden options.

From my room, the waterfall was clearly visible, and it felt like I was witnessing a divine call descending from the sky. After a long time, I had a great moment. Rishabh was responsible for our entire group, and he did a fantastic job managing everyone, especially since many of us had time constraints and needed to cover everything.

We did the Kheerganga trek after a night of DJ dancing and game activities. We started the trek with full safety. All I had to do was walk through the mountains, which seemed easy but wasn’t. It becomes easier when you fall in love with the Milky Way, like me. This trek is 22 km from the pilgrimage town of Manikaran, trekking through dense forests and bathing in its hot springs—a refreshing experience. However, the hot springs near the campsite are currently closed due to local reasons. People should take care of cleanliness. When you reach the top, the feeling of seeing everything in your hands, the tired life, and then the amazing view makes you say, “Life is amazing.”

I was the first to reach, and we enjoyed a lot, but then I saw the Milky Way Galaxy. Yes, I saw it at night, happily lost in its own world. I wish I had seen it earlier. We enjoyed ourselves like young people with an old monk’s spirit. That feeling was different. Someone asked me about it, but I had no answer; I just kept watching. It’s part of life, an act of God—whatever you call it, coming here was the right decision. After 3 Hours, my Milky Way Galaxy disappeared, and I went back to the camp.

The next morning felt like the first morning of life, waking up to the sound of birds. We woke up and enjoyed the beautiful weather. After that, we reached Manikaran Gurudwara and then returned to Delhi. The strangest thing about this entire trip was that on that day, the Milky Way Galaxy was not visible in the sky but I saw man, seriously, I, SHOW, HER, in Stars night.

If you want to solo travel, especially trekking, please choose group tours. Do not go alone if this is your first time. I hope my travel note is as wonderful as the Milky Way Galaxy I saw.

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