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Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-Husband Ordered to Pay $2.6 Million Over Allegedly ‘Unlawfully Procured’ Business Deals


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In a recent development, Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, has been ordered by a California labor commissioner to pay the pop sensation a substantial sum of $2,641,374. The ruling asserts that Blackstock engaged in ‘unlawfully procured’ business deals on behalf of Clarkson, violating the state’s Talent Agencies Act (TAA).

Under the TAA, individuals without a talent agency license, including managers, are prohibited from procuring employment for artists. The commissioner’s decision mandates the reimbursement of commissions Blackstock received for securing contracts related to The Voice, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), Wayfair commercials, and the Billboard Music Awards.

While Blackstock was deemed to have stayed within his managerial role for the Kelly Clarkson Show contract, other lucrative deals were expected to be handled by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), as per the ruling.

Breaking down the owed amount, it includes $1,983,155.70 for The Voice, $208,125 for NCL, $450,000 for Wayfair, and a full $93.30 for Clarkson’s hosting gig at the Billboard Music Awards.

A representative for Kelly Clarkson has not yet responded to Rolling Stone’s request for comment. However, TMZ reports that Brandon Blackstock plans to appeal the commissioner’s decision.

Clarkson and Blackstock, son of her former manager Narvel Blackstock, tied the knot in 2013 and officially divorced in the previous year. The fallout of their relationship is reflected in Clarkson’s latest album, Chemistry, released in June, which features songs alluding to the challenges of their divorce.

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