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Boardsi: Pioneering Change in Executive Recruitment


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In the fast-changing world of global technology, Martin Rowinski shines as a leader with 25 years of experience at the top. As the co-founder and CEO of Boardsi, Martin is thrilled about hitting #640 on the Inc5000 list. Under his watch, Boardsi has transformed how companies find top executives. Their cutting-edge software makes it easy to spot the best Board members and advisors from a huge pool of talented execs. And it’s not just about companies – execs themselves can find dream board positions hassle-free. Martin’s passion for changing the recruitment game shows his unwavering commitment to linking top talent with organizations primed for success.

Martin Rowinski’s Path to Success at Boardsi

Martin Rowinski‘s journey into the world of executive leadership began with a mix of entrepreneurial gusto and a sharp eye for seizing opportunities. Right from the start, he stood out by blending tech savvy with savvy business sense. Early on, he dove headfirst into the vibrant world of startups, where he skillfully leveraged the power of digital platforms to fuel growth and streamline operations. Martin’s knack for spotting and riding the wave of emerging trends quickly earned him a reputation as a forward-looking leader, adept at steering companies through the ever-shifting currents of the digital landscape.

Martin Rowinski, CEO and Co-Founder

At the core of Martin’s approach lay a deep understanding of the crucial role that leadership plays in nurturing a culture of innovation and adaptability. Recognizing the pivotal impact of executives and board members on organizational success, he set out to build networks that seamlessly connected top talent with companies poised for expansion. This visionary outlook laid the groundwork for Boardsi, an innovative platform designed to revolutionize executive recruitment by matching leadership talent with the strategic needs of dynamic enterprises.

Martin’s journey is a shining example of the transformative power of visionary leadership and the profound impact of embracing change. As the CEO of Boardsi, he continues to inspire a new generation of executives and board members, championing a future where business triumph and innovation walk hand in hand. Through his unwavering dedication to innovation and leadership, Martin Rowinski embodies the essence of modern leadership: the boldness to lead by example, the foresight to see beyond the horizon, and the unwavering determination to turn visionary dreams into concrete realities.

Securing the Top Spot: Boardsi as the Premier Board Member Search Firm

The genesis of Boardsi stemmed from a profound recognition of the challenges plaguing the executive board recruitment sector. Martin Rowinski, fueled by his own experiences and keen observations, identified a pervasive issue: while startups and expanding companies struggled to identify suitable executive talent for their boards, accomplished executives were seeking impactful board opportunities. This glaring mismatch underscored a systemic inefficiency and lack of transparency in connecting organizations with potential board members, hindering both corporate evolution and personal career progression.

Motivated by this incongruity, Martin envisioned a solution that would not only streamline the executive recruitment process but also democratize board membership, fostering diversity within boardrooms. His vision was to create a dynamic platform where companies, including large publicly traded corporations seeking innovative board enrichment, could easily discover specialized expertise for growth. Simultaneously, executives could find meaningful, well-aligned board positions.

From this vision, Boardsi emerged as an innovative, strategic response to the traditional challenges of boardroom recruitment. By leveraging advanced technology and cultivating an extensive network of elite professionals, Boardsi was designed to meet the unique needs of both companies and executives. The company’s commitment to diversity lies at the core of its mission, recognizing its transformative power in enhancing decision-making, driving innovation, and enriching corporate cultures. Boardsi embodies the belief that corporate success and environmental stewardship are interconnected, demonstrating that business excellence and diversity in leadership can coexist and flourish together.

Transitioning to the key offerings of Boardsi, the company’s core services are centered around creating powerful connections that propel corporate governance and executive careers to new heights. The platform streamlines the search and recruitment process for board members and executives, emphasizing precision, efficiency, and strategic alignment. Boardsi achieves this through:

Curated Executive Matching: Utilizing advanced algorithms and expert insights, Boardsi matches companies with executive talent that not only meets their specific needs but also complements their corporate culture and strategic vision, ensuring a synergistic relationship.

Diverse Talent Pool: Boardsi has cultivated a vast network of professionals from various industries, backgrounds, and expertise levels, enriching boardrooms with diverse perspectives and fostering innovation and resilience.

Executive Career Advancement: Executives seeking board positions gain unparalleled access to opportunities across startups, nonprofits, and publicly traded companies, empowering them to navigate their boardroom journey with confidence and purpose.

Strategic Board Development: Beyond individual placements, Boardsi assists organizations in strategically developing their boards to meet evolving business challenges, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to each company’s unique objectives.

Remarkable Accolades

Boardsi and Martin Rowinski have amassed a remarkable array of prestigious recognitions and accolades, solidifying their distinguished standing as leaders in the executive recruitment arena. Among their notable achievements are:

Inc5000 List (2023): Boardsi soared to remarkable heights, securing an impressive #640 ranking on the renowned Inc5000 list in 2023. This achievement underscores the company’s exceptional growth trajectory and profound impact on the executive recruitment landscape.

Inc Regionals, Rocky Mountain (2024): In 2024, Boardsi ascended to new heights, clinching the esteemed #11 position on the prestigious 2024 Rocky Mountain Inc. Regional list. This recognition highlights Boardsi’s unparalleled influence and commitment to excellence within the Rocky Mountain region.

Inc Power Partners (2022): Boardsi earned the esteemed Inc Power Partners recognition in 2022, a testament to the company’s strategic partnerships and collaborative endeavors that have propelled its ongoing success and industry influence.

Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award: Martin Rowinski’s outstanding leadership and substantial contributions to the executive recruitment domain were honored with the prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious accolade celebrates Martin’s enduring impact and unwavering dedication to advancing the industry.

Passion Vista Award – Global Tech Pioneer in Leadership Recruitment: Martin Rowinski’s visionary leadership in leadership recruitment within the global technology sector was recognized with the esteemed Passion Vista Award. This accolade underscores Martin’s innovative approach and pioneering efforts in shaping the future of executive recruitment.

The Bizz Awards: World Leader Businessperson: Martin Rowinski’s exemplary achievements and remarkable leadership were further acknowledged with The Bizz Awards, where he was hailed as a World Leader Businessperson. This prestigious recognition reflects Martin’s global influence and steadfast commitment to driving business excellence.

These illustrious recognitions and accolades serve as a testament to the exceptional accomplishments and unwavering commitment to excellence demonstrated by Boardsi and Martin Rowinski. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and leadership excellence continues to set the standard for excellence within the executive recruitment landscape, inspiring admiration and emulation across the industry.

From Challenges to Conquests

In Martin Rowinski’s journey within the executive recruitment industry, he’s faced quite a few challenges that really put his skills and adaptability to the test. One of the biggest hurdles has been keeping up with the fast-paced changes in technology. You see, it’s crucial for Boardsi’s platform to always stay up-to-date to meet the ever-evolving needs of both executives looking for roles and companies seeking top-notch talent.

Another tough nut to crack has been creating a culture of diversity and inclusion within the executive spaces they serve. It’s not just about ticking boxes – Martin truly believes in giving everyone an equal shot and making sure their platform reflects that.

And let’s not forget the constant juggling act of meeting their clients’ sky-high expectations while also keeping an eye on the ever-shifting global market trends. It’s like trying to ride a bike on a winding road – you’ve got to be agile and ready to switch gears at a moment’s notice.

But hey, despite all these challenges, Martin and his team at Boardsi have managed to turn them into opportunities for growth. Each obstacle they’ve faced has helped them fine-tune their platform, making it stronger and more effective than ever before.

Setting the Standard

In the unfolding years, Boardsi stands resolute in its commitment to reshape the executive recruitment and board preparation landscape, propelling itself to the forefront of corporate governance innovation. The long-term goals it envisions are not only ambitious but meticulously honed, with a laser focus on empowering executives and companies to achieve unprecedented levels of success and impact. Here’s the remarkable trajectory Boardsi foresees:

A Global Authority on Board Preparation: Boardsi is on the cusp of an expansion that transcends conventional boundaries. It is broadening its offerings to encompass comprehensive Board Preparation services, introducing Executive Board Education. This initiative is designed to equip aspiring board members with the knowledge, skills, and insights essential for excelling in dynamic boardroom environments.

Leader in Executive Branding: Acknowledging the pivotal role of personal branding in the contemporary competitive landscape, Boardsi aspires to ascend as the undisputed leader in Executive Branding. The platform is poised to provide executives with cutting-edge tools and unwavering support to craft compelling personal brands that not only resonate with corporate boards but also align seamlessly with market demands.

Innovator in Executive Board Profiles: Boardsi is at the forefront of a groundbreaking transformation in how executives present themselves to potential board opportunities. The upcoming platform will boast enhanced Executive Board Profile capabilities, allowing members to showcase their expertise, achievements, and unique value propositions in a manner that is not only impactful but also engaging, setting new standards in the industry.

Expansion of Educational Offerings: In the perpetual pursuit of excellence, Boardsi is unwavering in its commitment to invest in cutting-edge educational content and programs. This includes forging partnerships with leading institutions and thought leaders, ensuring its members have unparalleled access to the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in board governance.

A Hub for Diverse Talent: At the core of Boardsi’s mission is the promotion of diversity and inclusion within boardrooms. The imminent years will witness an intensified commitment to diversifying its talent pool, advocating for broader representation across industries, backgrounds, and perspectives. This commitment is not just a moral imperative but a strategic one, recognizing that diverse boards are proven catalysts for innovation and enhanced decision-making.

Sustainable Success and Ecological Responsibility: Boardsi, in alignment with its dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, is weaving sustainability into every facet of its operations. From championing green initiatives to incorporating ESG criteria into its platform, Boardsi aspires to be a guiding light, leading by example in corporate responsibility.

In envisioning the future, Boardsi transcends its identity as a mere platform; it emerges as a formidable movement—a catalyst for transformative change in the executive recruitment and board preparation spheres. The overarching goal is nothing short of empowering executives to realize their utmost potential while aiding companies in navigating the complexities of modern governance with unparalleled confidence and foresight. Through a harmonious blend of innovation, education, and an unwavering dedication to diversity, Boardsi positions itself as the architect shaping the future of leadership at the highest echelons, leaving an indelible mark on the corporate world.

Boardsi’s Vision: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Martin envisions Boardsi as a transformative force in executive recruitment and the broader technology landscape. He believes that the platform’s innovative approach will revolutionize traditional recruitment methods, making the process more efficient and transparent. “Boardsi is set to redefine executive recruitment by leveraging advanced technology to create direct connections between companies and top-tier executive talent,” Martin emphasizes.

Moreover, Martin emphasizes the platform’s role in promoting diversity and inclusion within boardrooms and executive teams. “Boardsi is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion by providing access to a broad and diverse talent pool,” he states. This commitment not only enriches decision-making processes but also aligns with broader societal trends toward more representative leadership.

In addition to its impact on diversity, Martin believes that Boardsi will play a crucial role in cultivating a new generation of visionary leaders. “Through educational programs, mentorship, and exposure to a wide array of board opportunities, Boardsi empowers executives to develop and showcase their leadership potential,” he explains.

Furthermore, Martin sees Boardsi as a driving force for innovation in corporate governance. “By introducing new models and methodologies for board preparation and engagement, Boardsi encourages both companies and executives to think creatively about governance challenges,” he asserts. This innovative approach fosters the adoption of more effective governance practices.

Boardsi’s impact extends beyond executive recruitment to influence the broader technology landscape and the future of work, according to Martin. “By harnessing the power of digital platforms to connect talent and opportunities globally, Boardsi contributes to the evolution of a more flexible, dynamic, and borderless work environment,” he observes.

Martin underscores Boardsi’s commitment to sustainability and ethical governance. “Boardsi aims to inspire companies and executives to prioritize sustainability and social responsibility,” he affirms. By leading by example in sustainability practices, Boardsi seeks to shape a future where business success is intertwined with ethical practices and environmental stewardship.

The Motivational Backbone of Martin Rowinski’s Success

The most significant source of inspiration in Martin Rowinski’s life comes from a blend of personal experiences, visionary leaders, and the countless executives he’s interacted with throughout his career. While it’s hard to pinpoint a single source of inspiration, Martin often cites the resilience and ingenuity of startup founders, the strategic foresight of seasoned executives, and the transformative impact of thought leaders in technology and business as pivotal influences.

One key figure who embodies these qualities and has significantly inspired Martin is Steve Jobs. Jobs’ ability to foresee market trends, his relentless pursuit of excellence, and his unparalleled commitment to innovation resonate deeply with Martin’s vision for Boardsi. Jobs’ philosophy that innovation stems from the intersection of technology and the liberal arts mirrors Martin’s approach to bridging the gap between executives and board opportunities through a technology-driven, human-centric platform.

Moreover, Martin is continually inspired by the executives within the Boardsi network. Their stories of overcoming adversity, achieving remarkable success, and making impactful decisions fuel his passion for creating a platform that not only connects companies with top-tier talent but also fosters a community where learning, mentorship, and growth thrive.

Martin Rowinski’s Advice for Aspiring Leaders

For the next generation of aspiring leaders, Martin Rowinski’s advice is straightforward and rooted in his own experiences:

Firstly, embrace lifelong learning. “The landscape of leadership is constantly evolving,” he emphasizes. “Stay curious, seek out new knowledge, and remain open to learning from both successes and failures. The most effective leaders are those who see every experience as an opportunity for growth.”

Secondly, foster authentic connections. “Leadership is not just about vision and direction,” Martin explains. “It’s about the people you guide and collaborate with. Build genuine relationships, understand the aspirations and challenges of your team, and create a culture of trust and respect. Authentic connections enable leaders to inspire, motivate, and drive meaningful progress.”

Lastly, lead with resilience and adaptability. “The path to leadership is fraught with challenges and uncertainties,” he acknowledges. “Cultivate resilience by maintaining a clear focus on your goals while being adaptable to change. Resilient leaders can navigate through adversity, learn from it, and emerge stronger.”

Martin emphasizes that leadership is not merely a title but a series of actions and decisions that influence and uplift others. He encourages future leaders to strive for personal and professional success while contributing positively to their teams, organizations, and communities.

As for defining success, Martin believes it’s the realization of personal and professional goals aligned with core values. “It’s been a process of continuous evolution, learning, and adaptation since the inception of Boardsi,” he reflects. “Each milestone, from our first successful executive placement to being recognized on prestigious lists like Inc. 5000, has been a marker of success.”

However, Martin emphasizes that true success lies in seeing Boardsi grow into a platform that not only fills a vital gap in the board and executive recruitment space but also champions diversity, inclusivity, and professional development at the highest levels. He views success as a perpetual journey, measured not just by achievements but also by the positive influence exerted across the executive landscape.


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