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Expected Trends at CES 2024: What’s in Store for the Consumer Electronics Show


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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 is just around the corner, and tech enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation for the latest innovations and trends set to shape the consumer electronics landscape for the coming year. This annual mega-event, scheduled for January 9-12 in Las Vegas, serves as a platform for startups and industry giants alike to showcase their cutting-edge products and technologies. In this article, we’ll delve into the expected trends at CES 2024, ranging from generative AI and robotics to clean energy solutions and user-friendly solar technology.

Generative AI Takes Center Stage

One of the key trends expected at CES 2024 is the prominence of generative AI in hardware products. The explosion of Large Language Models (LLMs) has captured the public’s imagination, allowing consumers to interact with AI through text prompts and receive instant outputs like images, videos, stories, or songs. This year, the focus will likely shift towards hardware products leveraging generative AI, with the anticipation of breakthroughs in robotics and other innovative applications. However, distinguishing genuine advancements from marketing hype will be crucial for reporters covering the event.

Robotics and Automated Processes

While robotics has been a recurring theme at CES, the spotlight in 2024 is expected to be on automated processes utilized on the back end. Companies are likely to showcase partnerships and unveil advancements in robotics systems, such as Agility’s Digit or Boston Dynamics’ Stretch. The integration of robotics into various industries and the demonstration of automated processes could be a major highlight of the event, providing a glimpse into the future of technology-driven efficiency.

TV Innovations and Automotive Tech

TV technology continues to be a major focus at CES, with companies like LG making strategic announcements ahead of the event. Automotive technology also plays a significant role, reflecting the increasing interweaving of technology and the automotive industry. Major car manufacturers, including Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda, are expected to make significant announcements, showcasing the latest in electric vehicles and mobility solutions.

Health Tech Evolution

Health tech is anticipated to maintain its prominence at CES 2024, with a focus on innovations in sleep tracking, blood glucose monitoring, and blood pressure measurement. The absence of Apple at the event may create space for other companies to showcase advancements in wearables and health-related technologies. Additionally, ongoing patent disputes, such as Apple’s with Masimo, could shape the trajectory of the wearables market in the coming year.

AR/VR and Nvidia’s Big Releases

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) stole the spotlight at the previous year’s CES, with new headsets from Meta, HTC, Sony, and Magic Leap. With the imminent arrival of Nvidia’s Vision Pro, attention is likely to be centered on mixed reality experiences. Nvidia is rumored to launch the RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4080 Super GPUs at CES, with AI being a centerpiece of their offerings.

Predictions from Engadget Staff

Engadget’s staff members offer insightful predictions on several trends expected at CES 2024:

1. User-friendly Solar

Clean energy technology, particularly solar panels, is anticipated to take center stage, catering to mainstream consumers with plug-and-play setups. Brands like Anker and Jackery have paved the way, and consumer brands are expected to follow suit.

2. MEMS Earbuds

Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) earbud drivers, promising improved response, durability, and fidelity, are expected to make waves at CES 2024. California-based company xMEMS is set to demo its next-gen MEMS speaker, named Cypress, showcasing advancements in audio technology.

3. Wi-Fi 7 in Everything

The adoption of Wi-Fi 7 is predicted to be a widespread trend, with new devices, including laptops and TVs, featuring support for the next-generation Wi-Fi standard. Improved speeds, channel width, and multi-link operation capabilities are among the key benefits.

4. The Year of the AI PC

The term “AI PC” is set to dominate discussions in 2024, as computers equipped with neural processing units (NPUs) become more prevalent. Intel and AMD are leading the charge, offloading AI tasks for enhanced efficiency and performance.

5. Truly Wireless TV

Companies like Displace are expected to showcase truly wireless TVs, offering flexibility in placement and innovative features. The addition of AI-based shopping platforms aims to enhance user experiences and create new revenue streams for TV manufacturers.


As CES 2024 approaches, the tech world eagerly awaits the unveiling of groundbreaking innovations across various domains. From generative AI and robotics to clean energy solutions and advanced audio technologies, CES continues to be a stage where the future of consumer electronics takes shape. Stay tuned for live coverage of CES 2024, where these anticipated trends will come to life, shaping the tech landscape for the year ahead.

Emma Taylor
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